Founded by Professor Stanley Nisbet in 1954
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Please note that the Educational Colloquium is a registered CPD provider and that a session of the Colloquium counts as two hours CPD time.
Membership of the Educational Colloquium

There are three types of membership of the Educational Colloquium:

1  Individual Membership (£15pa):  This is taken out by an individual and entitles the individual to attend all Educational Colloquium meetings and events.

2  School/Early Years Membership (£15pa): This entitles any member of a school/early years staff to attend one or more of the Educational Colloquium meetings and events. Different members of staff may attend different meetings to suit their personal and professional interests.

3  Local Authority Education Services Membership (£30pa):  This entitles up to two members of an education service, not on the staff of a school/early years school to attend one or more Educational Colloquium meetings and events. Different members of staff may attend different meetings.

All three types of membership allow the member attending a meeting/event to bring a colleague/friend…and to encourage them to become a member.
Membership Payments Options
Please download the form here: FORM
Pay by Post
Please send form & remittance to:
The Hon. Treasurer
Educational Colloquium
8, Fenwick Close
Pay by PayPal
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Individual Membership £15 Per Annum
School/Early Years Membership £15 Per Annum
Local Authority/Education Services Membership £30 Per Annum

School / Early Years Membership



Local Authority/Education Services Membership

Individual Membership


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